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Titre de l’article de rechercheRésuméAnnée de publication
Assessment of Post-abortion Care Services in Two Health Facilities in Conakry, Guinea 2020
A Comparison of Cell Activation, Exhaustion, and Expression of HIV Coreceptors and Restriction Factors in HIV-1- and HIV-2-Infected Nonprogressors
Case Report: COVID-19 and Lassa Fever Coinfection in an Ebola Suspected Patient in Guinea 2022
Blaschko-linear lichen planus of the face: A retrospective study of 6 cases and a literature review
Risk factors associated with necrotizing fasciitis of the lower limbs: A multicenter case-control study
Haematological and Biochemical Reference Values for Healthy Population of Maferinyah Rural Community in Guinea 2020
Variation in chemical composition and antimalarial activities of two samples of Terminalia albida collected from separate sites in Guinea
Outcomes of blended learning for capacity strengthening of health professionals in Guinea 2021
The direct cost of dialysis supported by families for patients with chronic renal failure in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)
Trends in contraceptive use, unmet need and associated factors of modern contraceptive use among urban adolescents and young women in Guinea
Do memories of the Ebola virus disease outbreak influence post-Ebola health seeking behaviour in Guéckédou district (epicentre) in Guinea? A cross-sectional study of children with febrile illness 2020
Impact of the Ebola virus disease outbreak (2014-2016) on tuberculosis surveillance activities by Guinea’s National Tuberculosis Control Program: a time series analysis
Tale of 22 cities: utilisation patterns and content of maternal care in large African cities
A mixed-methods study of maternal health care utilisation in six referral hospitals in four sub-Saharan African countries before and during the COVID-19 pandemic 2022
We are not going to shut down, because we cannot postpone pregnancy’: a mixed-methods study of the provision of maternal healthcare in six referral maternity wards in four sub-Saharan African countries during the COVID-19 pandemic 2022
Guinea’s response to syndemic hotspots
The COVID-19 pandemic: diverse contexts; different epidemics-how and why? 2020
Implementing a DHIS2 Ebola virus disease module during the 2021 Guinea Ebola outbreak
[Acute Flaccid Paralysis Secondary to Poliomyelitis: 11 Years of Monitoring in Guinea (2005-2015)]
Impact of surgery associated with radiotherapy on the prognosis of breast cancer – Guinea Breast Cancer Cohort Study
Initiating Antiretroviral Treatment Early in Infancy Has Long-term Benefits on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Reservoir in Late Childhood and Adolescence
PREVAIL IV: A Randomized, Double-Blind, 2-Phase, Phase 2 Trial of Remdesivir vs Placebo for Reduction of Ebola Virus RNA in the Semen of Male Survivors
Understanding Long-term Evolution and Predictors of Sequelae of Ebola Virus Disease Survivors in Guinea: A 48-Month Prospective, Longitudinal Cohort Study (PostEboGui)
Evaluation of Early Warning, Alert and Response System for Ebola Virus Disease, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2018-2020
SARS-CoV-2 Circulation, Guinea, March 2020-July 2021
Combined Epidemiologic and Entomologic Survey to Detect Urban Malaria Transmission, Guinea, 2018
Plasmodium falciparum kelch 13 Mutations, 9 Countries in Africa, 2014-2018
Households as hotspots of Lassa fever? Assessing the spatial distribution of Lassa virus-infected rodents in rural villages of Guinea
The first epidemiological and virological influenza surveillance in the Republic of Guinea revealed the predominance of influenza A/H3N2 and B Victoria viruses
Evaluation of Three Blended Learning Courses to Strengthen Health Professionals’ Capacity in Primary Health Care, Management of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Research Methods in Guinea 2022
Social Immersion for Women After Repair for Obstetric Fistula: An Experience in Guinea 2021
Factors Associated With Persistent Urinary Incontinence Among Women Undergoing Female Genital Fistula Surgery in the Democratic Republic of Congo From 2017 to 2019 2022
Barriers to Contraceptive Use Among Urban Adolescents and Youth in Conakry, in 2019, Guinea 2021
Experiences, Preferences, and Needs of Adolescents and Urban Youth in Contraceptive Use in Conakry, 2019, Guinea 2021
Total Demand, Use and Unmet Need for Modern Contraceptives Among Women Living in Informal Settlements in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, Uganda. Implications for Urban Health 2021
Total Demand, Use and Unmet Need for Modern Contraceptives Among Women Living in Informal Settlements in Kira Municipality, Wakiso District, Uganda. Implications for Urban Health
Complement-Mediated Neutralisation Identified in Ebola Virus Disease Survivor Plasma: Implications for Protection and Pathogenesis
Comprehensive Ecological and Geographic Characterization of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Microbiomes in African Anopheles
Integrating Client Tracker Tool Into Fistula Management: Experience From the Fistula Care Plus Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2017 to 2019
Implementation of DHIS2 for Disease Surveillance in Guinea: 2015-2020
Variation around the dominant viral genome sequence contributes to viral load and outcome in patients with Ebola virus disease
The Salience of Trust to the Client-Provider Relationship in Post-Ebola Guinea: Findings From a Qualitative Study
Findings and Implications From an Evaluation of the Gold Star Campaign in Post-Ebola Guinea: The Role of Gender and Education
Community response to the Ebola outbreak: Contribution of community-based organisations and community leaders in four health districts in Guinea 2020
‘I can’t leave everything in the hands of my husband’: Economic constraints and gender roles in care-seeking in post-Ebola Guinea
A comparative analysis of experienced uncertainties in relation to risk communication during COVID19: a four-country study.
Availability and Utilization of Postabortion Care Services in Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, and Guinea: A Secondary Analysis of Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care Needs Assessments (EmONC)
Retention of healthcare workers 1 year after recruitment and deployment in rural settings: an experience post-Ebola in five health districts in Guinea 2021
Immunogenicity and safety of Ebola virus vaccines in healthy adults: a systematic review and network meta-analysis 2021
High doses of favipiravir in two men survivors of Ebola virus disease carrying Ebola virus in semen in Guinea
Factors Associated with Malaria Preventive Measures among Pregnant Women in Guinea
Neonatal and postneonatal tetanus at a referral hospital in Kamsar, Guinea: a retrospective audit of paediatric records (2014-2018) 2021
Assessment of Infection Prevention and Control Measures at Points of Entry in Sierra Leone in 2021: A Cross-Sectional Study 2022
Incidence of Surgical Site Infection and Use of Antibiotics among Patients Who Underwent Caesarean Section and Herniorrhaphy at a Regional Referral Hospital, Sierra Leone 2022
Differential Laboratory Diagnosis of Acute Fever in Guinea: Preparedness for the Threat of Hemorrhagic Fevers
Clinical presentation, outcomes and factors associated with mortality: A prospective study from three COVID-19 referral care centres in West Africa
What Is the Impact of the Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak on Cancer Management in Guinea?
Value of tube combined with real-time ultrasound-guided accurate interstitial high-dose-rate brachytherapy for post-operative pelvic side-wall recurrences of cervical cancer
Bioassay-guided isolation of antiplasmodial and antimicrobial constituents from the roots of Terminalia albida
Antimicrobial investigation of ethnobotanically selected guinean plant species
Evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic over six weeks in four French-speaking countries in West Africa 2021

Toward Health System Recovery in the Aftermath of Ebola Outbreak in Guinea: New Approaches for Improved Knowledge of Target Populations at the Community Level 2022
Mobilizing health district management teams through digital tools: Lessons from the District.Team initiative in Benin and Guinea using an action research methodology 2020
Malaria epidemiology and anti-malarial drug efficacy in Guinea: a review of clinical and molecular studies 2021
Efficacy and safety of artesunate-amodiaquine and artemether-lumefantrine and prevalence of molecular markers associated with resistance, Guinea: an open-label two-arm randomised controlled trial
New assessment of Anopheles vector species identification using MALDI-TOF MS
Molecular Characterization and Genetic Diversity of Haplogroup E Human Lice in Guinea, West Africa
Metagenomic Snapshots of Viral Components in Guinean Bats
Resurgence of Ebola virus in 2021 in Guinea suggests a new paradigm for outbreaks
Long-lasting severe immune dysfunction in Ebola virus disease survivors
Adjuvant formulated virus-like particles expressing native-like forms of the Lassa virus envelope surface glycoprotein are immunogenic and induce antibodies with broadly neutralizing activity
High and Rapid Increase in Seroprevalence for SARS-CoV-2 in Conakry, Guinea: Results From 3 Successive Cross-Sectional Surveys (ANRS COV16-ARIACOV)
Prevalence of malaria and factors associated with infection in children aged 6 months to 9 years in Guinea: Results from a national cross-sectional study 2020
Malaria in Guinean Rural Areas: Prevalence, Management, and Ethnotherapeutic Investigations in Dionfo, Sub-Prefecture of Labe
Hunting and consumption of rodents by children in the Lassa fever endemic area of Faranah, Guinea
« Assessing Today for a Better Tomorrow »: An observational cohort study about quality of care, mortality and morbidity among newborn infants admitted to neonatal intensive care in Guinea 2021
Better programmatic outcome with the shorter regimen for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) in Guinea: A retrospective cohort study
Psychosocial impacts of COVID-19 in the Guinean population. An online cross-sectional survey
Mixed methods study evaluating the implementation of the WHO hand hygiene strategy focusing on alcohol based handrub and training among health care workers in Faranah, Guinea
Is Guinea meeting the challenges to control the new ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa? 2021
Tackling the COVID-19 pandemic in West Africa: Have we learned from Ebola in Guinea? 2020
Interventions to increase facility births and provision of postpartum care in sub-Saharan Africa: a scoping review 2021
Evidence for natural hybridization and novel Wolbachia strain superinfections in the Anopheles gambiae complex from Guinea
Observatoire communautaire sur l’accès aux services de santé : difficultés du processus de responsabilité sociale en Guinée
[Frequency of pregnancies within school environment and profile of adolescent girls who have had the experience in Conakry city, Guinea]
Approche eLearning pour le renforcement des capacités des professionnels de santé en Guinée : une expérience post-Ebola
Rapid survey to determine the predictive factors of vaccination coverage in children aged 0 to 59 months in Guinea
Case Report: COVID-19 and Lassa Fever Coinfection in an Ebola Suspected Patient in Guinea 2022
Heterogeneity of contact patterns with Ebola virus disease cases
Longitudinal antibody and T cell responses in Ebola virus disease survivors and contacts: an observational cohort study
High and Rapid Increase in Seroprevalence for SARS-CoV-2 in Conakry, Guinea: Results From 3 Successive Cross-Sectional Surveys (ANRS COV16-ARIACOV)

Detection of Marburg Virus Disease in Guinea
What do we know about patient-provider interactions in sub-Saharan Africa? a scoping review 2020
[Epidemiological and clinical profile of children with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the Center for the Treatment of Epidemics and Infection Prevention (CTEIP) of the University Hospital of Donka in Conakry]
Malnutrition prevalence and associated biochemical factors among drug-resistance tuberculosis (DR-TB) patients at key treatment sites in Conakry City, Republic of Guinea
[Study on the integration of mental health support into primary health care in Guinea]
Predictive factors of mortality in patients with COVID-19 in Guinea: analysis of the first 140 cases admitted to intensive care unit
Unrecognized Ebola virus infection in Guinea: complexity of surveillance in a health crisis situation: case report
Laboratory capacity assessments in 25 African countries at high risk of yellow fever, August-December 2018
Prevalence of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in rural areas of Guinea
Partnership for Research on Ebola VACcination (PREVAC): protocol of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 clinical trial evaluating three vaccine strategies against Ebola in healthy volunteers in four West African countries
Antibiotic Use in a Municipal Veterinary Clinic in Ghana 2021
High Levels of Antibiotic Resistance Patterns in Two Referral Hospitals during the Post-Ebola Era in Free-Town, Sierra Leone: 2017-2019
National Antimicrobial Consumption: Analysis of Central Warehouses Supplies to In-Patient Care Health Facilities from 2017 to 2019 in Uganda 2021
Blood Culture Testing Outcomes among Non-Malarial Febrile Children at Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Sites in Uganda, 2017-2018 2021
Wounds, Antimicrobial Resistance and Challenges of Implementing a Surveillance System in Myanmar: A Mixed-Methods Study
Antibiotic Use and Treatment Outcomes among Children with Community-Acquired Pneumonia Admitted to a Tertiary Care Public Hospital in Nepal
Factors associated with surgical repair success of female genital fistula in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Experiences of the Fistula Care Plus Project, 2017-2019 2022
Women’s progression through the maternal continuum of care in Guinea: Evidence from the 2018 Guinean Demographic and Health Survey 2021
Humoral and cellular immune response induced by rVSVΔG-ZEBOV-GP vaccine among frontline workers during the 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola outbreak in Guinea
Seroprevalence of IgG Antibodies Against Multiple Arboviruses in Bats from Cameroon, Guinea, and the Democratic Republic of Congo
The characterization of multiple novel paramyxoviruses highlights the diverse nature of the subfamily Orthoparamyxovirinae
Wide Diversity of Coronaviruses in Frugivorous and Insectivorous Bat Species: A Pilot Study in Guinea, West Africa
A Sporadic and Lethal Lassa Fever Case in Forest Guinea, 2019
Ebola Virus Disease Survivors Show More Efficient Antibody Immunity than Vaccinees Despite Similar Levels of Circulating Immunoglobulins
Capacity Building in Operational Research On Obstetric Fistula : Experience in the Democratic Republic of Congo, 2017 to 2021